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We've teamed up with Upward Manufacturing, one of Australia's newest consulting agencies in the new world of additive manufacturing. From 3D printed silk to laser cut bamboo, hand-held printers to virtual reality and computer aided design, as our partner, they have built a solid reputation for being able to provide a whole new experience and incredible value in the new world of 3D solutions.


Upward holds a range of workshop for Adults through to Kids, helping the world love and understand the capabilities of the world of 3D additive manufacturing and technologies. These workshops incorporate manufacturing, learning basic CAD skills, exploring and understanding the new wave of craftsmanship from an incredible team of experts.


Commercially, we can create anything a customer may require or dream about! 3D printing is still in the early development stages however has achieved many milestones and continues to evolve, recreating the manufacturing industry as we know it. From a toy for your kids, to a spare part you need to make one of your old equipment or household products work to engineering parts that you simply cannot find.

To date, we have created parts, lamps, shapes, animals, cuttlery, architectural mockups, engineering components, jewelery, custom parts and much much more.

We look forward to hearing from you as we love anything 3D and love working on new projects...



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