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Whenever you want to promote more than your brand and need to display a message too, then the Bow Banners are the perfect marketing tool for you to use. They tend to be advertising agencies' first choice in flags as they are more versatile and offer greater printing area and viewing space for you to capture your audience's attention. 

You may know this promotional flag as the feather banner, Bali flag, bow banner, bow flag or beach flag.

  • 4 Sizes available - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

  • Single Sided (85% see through - 115g knitted polyester) or Double Sided (Blockout)

  • Double Sided flags available in two different levels of quality based on the needs of the advertiser:

    • Budget - Three layers, 115g twin layer 100% polyester with centre blockout.

    • Premium - Two layers, 190g silver coated satin blockout.

  • Dye-Sublimation process for sharper text and images

  • Top quality pole set with strapping mechanism and constant tensioning fibreglass pole & end-mounted ball

  • Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble

  • All our flags come with a pole kit, carry bag, ground spike and printed flag

  • Prices included in table do not include design set up, freight or gst

  • Volume Discounts prices available

  • 5 Days Production on any quantity required

  • 7 days replacement guarantee on defects

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