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Display & promote your brand anywhere you go. 

Do car magnets work well or advertising?

When advertising your business or promoting your product, car magnets may be the most effective means of advertisement. Because the branded magnets stick to the sides of your vehicle whilst you are driving around, you are exposing your brand to hundreds, even thousands of people. Will it increase your sales immediately? May be not but it will definitely bring your prospective clients to recall your brand when they are in a buying mode. Magnetic Signs are a great alternative to the costly car wraps that can cost thousands of dollars.

What are Car magnets made of? 

Magnetic signs are made of a thin magnetic material that is about as thick as a thin piece of carboard. The Magnet Strip as it is known, is mounted with a digitally printed laminate to allow your brand to be displayed as you want it.

What content should I include on my car magnets?

When you are driving around, people only have a few seconds to catch your brand. It is important to keep your car magnet advertising, simple and easy. Generally most people include the logo, what they are recognised for (i.e. plumber uses a tap for instance) and the best way to contact them. Keep it simple and easy for passerbys to get your details. If the magnets are too cluterred, people won't be able to read them.

How much do car magnets cost?

Car magnets are fairly inexpensive and quite affordable. They are designed to be a cost effective marketing solution, especially for small businesses and start-ups or for people who juggle their vehicle between work and personal life. 

See below a table of standard custom printed magnets. Prices are based on a per unit basis and do not include gst or freight charges. At Bannerworld, we also offer you the flexibility of choosing your own size or own shape. If you want a large sign or a small sign, you want it in the shape of a light globe or animal paw, we can accomodate. Simply call or email our office for a quick quotation. 

* Prices in table based a per unit pricing ex gst and ex freight or design 


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