Customers purchasing A-frames for the first time often ask many questions from not having it done before. We chose some of the questions from recent buyers and collated them for you.

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Why would I use an A-frame?

If you are in a location where you have a fair amount of traffic walking past your business, then the A-Frame Boards are a perfect marketing item to invite your customers in. Being a traditional marketing tool, it is still quite effective, even today!

How long does it take to get my A-frame?

Providing you place your order before 2pm on any given day between Monday to Friday, your Aframe(s) can be dispatched or made available for collection with 24 to 72 hours (dependent on stock levels and availability)

Can I use a sandwich board when it is windy?

A-Frames are designed for the outdoors but they can act as a big sail in heavy wind conditions. It is always recommended to secure your A-Frame in the event you have big winds but also to stop anyone from stealing them too. You can tie them to a pole or use some heavy weights or even better, invest a little more in your A-Frame and get our heavy-duty outdoor A-Frame which comes with a solid base with super strong wheels that can be filled with sand or water for the additional weight without compromising on style.

We do also have some A-frames, specifically designed for that reason, simply call our team and they will point you in the right direction.

You have so many A-frames, which one should I choose?

We carry many A-frames in order to cater to most customers and environments. When it comes to getting some advice on which best suits your operations, simply call our office or see below for a quick guide into which may best suit you:

  • Budget A-frame - Anytime you want to change your promotion or message, simply slide in a new sign and you are up and running again

  • Deluxe A-frame - Same A-frame as the Budget A-frame however has a panel at the top of the frame that can better secure your inserts

  • Snap A-frame - Posters can be inserted and protected by a thin clear pvc top sheet to keep your signs looking fresh for longer

  • Heavy duty Snap A-frame - Same as the standard A-frame however comes mounted on a solid spring loaded water base and can be used in any weather condition (wind, snow, hail, shine)

  • Steel A-Frame - Probably the most popular A-frame on the market as it is constructed with some of the best materials and is pairly heavy in weight

  • Chalkboard - Mostly used by Cafes and Restaurants where you can chalk your messaage as often as you want

  • Real Estate Enduro Signs - Widely used by the real estate industry as they are portable and easy to use whilst affordable and versatile.

  • Evarite A-frame - Another Real Estate Product, similar to the enduro sign yet more innovative and more durable

  • Pavement sign - A good alternative to the A-frame as it requires a smaller footprint on the pavement and can display your design using any shape you prefer

  • Breezebuster - A hybrid of the Pavement Sign and the Snap Frame. It is solidly built and engineered to withstand heavy wind areas by having a swivel top holding your message/sign.

  • Rite Ezysign - Ideal for temporary and permanent signage when you have a sign of a particular size that you prefer as opposed to having a standard size. This is more of a custom signage solution.

  • A-Bsnner Stand - Sporting ground and School's favourite. Connect the frame to be A in shape and attached your vinyl banners to them. Quick, versatile and simple to change your signs.