When looking to purchase a flag or many flags, you need to take into account which flags best suits your purpose, promotion or application. 

Custom printed flags come in all shapes and sizes and are all specific to aiding in your promotions.

Please find below some questions that have been regularly asked from customers looking to purchase flags.

What type of flags are available?

Flags come in all shapes and sizes and are all designed for promotions. Visit our Promotional Flags page to find a flag that may suit your purpose.

  • Teardrop Flags - Designed best for single logo and tag line

  • Bow Flags - Best used when promoting something that requires a lot more than just a logo and a tag line

  • Rectangle Flags - Commonly used when customers require a message and multiple options for promotions but still the best for way finding when only a simple text (but large) is used. 

  • Retail Point of Sale flags - Mostly found at the front of a high-street store for self promotion. Often used to promote "open" or a single product such as "coffee", "Food inside", or where you can find a brand in demand like "Coke" or "Streets" ice cream. 

  • Bunting Flags - Often rectangle or triangles on a string, often promoting a brand or an event.

  • Pole Flags: Classic and never go our of style. Generally used for organisations to display their brands outside their premises. High users of Pole Flags are Schools, Corporate headquarters, international hotels and community groups.

  • Hand flags - More often than not, these flags are designed for support of a cause or brand. You'll often see these carried by sports fans supporting their colours.

  • Street Flags - Mostly used by Corporate Agencies, Event Companies or Government Departments such as local area councils. They are large and generally tend to promote major events or welcome visitors.

How much does a custom flag cost?

Flags in their nature are all different in price. You can expect to pay as little as $90 for flags requiring hardware (such as the flag, flag pole and accessory to stand them up) whilst other flags that do not required hardware can be much cheaper. The price really comes down to the size, the shape and the quantity you need to order. You can visit our webpage for flags to determine the price of the flags you need or simply contact our office and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives who could advise you which flag may be best for your application and how much they would be too. 

How are flags made?

Depending on budget and requirements, flags are all made using different methods. The most popular flags today would be the single sided and double sided flags which are made using the latest in polyester fabrics and silver coated satin for extra longevity. These budget flags tend to be printed using a dye sublimation process where the artwork is printed on a transfer paper and then heated to adhere to the polyester or polymer fabrics.As the colours are laid down as opposed to "dots" being printed on the fabric, the colours and quality is higher in resolution but also provide you with a quality that is less vulnerable to fading and image distortion. We do now also offer a Direct Print option for short term, fast turn around where the latest in Latex inks are used to embed the fabric. The best and more expensive process for printing flags tends to be the Screen Printing methods where the ink colours are layered and embed themelves to the fabric. Very costly for small quantities of flags however much cheaper for extremely large quantities as a lot of the costs are in the setting up process.

What is the standard size of a flag?

Common flags such as Supporter flags, retail flags, pole flags and other promotional flags are all pretty standard in size however all different from one style to the next. Being custom products, as a customer, you can pretty much choose from having the standard sizes or one of your own. 

Outdoor flags are used to withstand most normal weather conditions however must be taken inside in extreme conditions. We have had many customers call us to organise replacement poles as they can and may break during extreme winds. Despite being tested in harsh environments and being engineered to withstand strong winds, they are still not built to take on extreme weather conditions. When you know there is a storm brewing or gale force winds coming, bring your flags in or you will be at risk of having to replace your flags. Flags are there to assist you in promoting your brand. The best way to keep your flags flying and working for you is to look after them, just like your favourite garments. No need to leave them at night or outside in storms, no-one is going to see them. Flags are there to catch people's attention when they are around. The more you look after them, the longer they will last. 

Can my flag be outside all the time?

All the flags have a different way of being erected. Visit the page of the flag you have purchased and under the product images, you will see an icon that represents the instructions for assembly. Click on the text or icon that is called "assembly instructions" and you will be redirected to an assembly instructions document. We do also have links to assembly videos for some of our flags to make it easier for you to assemble. 

How do i assemble my flag?