Customers purchasing posters for the first time often ask many questions from not having it done before. We chose some of the questions from recent buyers and collated them for you.

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How much does a poster cost?

Posters can be used for a range of applications and are all of different sizes and materials. The price on posters will be dependable on the quantity you may require, the style you require, the size and material you need. 

What is the standard size of a poster?

We have set up a few different standard poster sizes that our customers generally prefer. Posters can start as small as an A4 and can be as large as 3.2 meters in width. The choice is yours. We have set up different templates for you to choose the size that may be more appropriate to your use on the poster page.

How long does it take to print posters?

We are running the latest in large format printing equipment and have incorporated the latest in software to allow us to print as few as one poster and as many as hundreds in a 24 hour period. Providing you place your order before 2pm on any given day between Monday to Friday, your poster or posters will be dispatched or made available for collection the following day at 4:30pm.

What media should I use for my poster(s)?

Posters are intended to be used indoor or outdoor. One would not use the same material when exposed to the elements outside as opposed to a poster that neatly sits on a wall in a shop. Likewise, you would not want to have a paper poster in a restaurant or fish and chip shop as it will quickly deteriorate and will need to be replaced quickly. We offer a wide range of different media available for a wide range of applications and environments. If unsure, it is always best to speak to our friendly customer service team as they can steer you in the right direction.

What colour can I choose?

We use the latest in Latex print technology and inks using the CMYK profile, giving you bright high resolution graphics. Colour is not an issue. We do also offer a "colour matching" service so that we can get as close as possible to the colour you desire.

Should I get my poster laminated?

Most of the media used today does not require lamination as the media has incredible anti-curl properties and are also tear and scratch resistant. In the past, you needed to laminate posters because there was no "substitutes" to paper. Today, the technology allows for us to be able to use a super wide range of materials based on the different uses customers require. Today, the only people who still laminate are the old school printers who do not have the newest in technology.

I have mulitple designs for posters, does that cost extra?

If you are supplying print ready artwork or choosing our online designer for multiple designs, we do not charge any extra for multiple designs. We work with our customers and do not charge any hidden fees or extras. The price on our website is the price you pay, whether it'd be one design or 100 designs.  Should you not have print ready artwork, we will work with you in defining how much time in would take to get your artwork print ready and a small fee may be charged for the time we need to take to make your artwork print ready. You will know before you commit to making your purchase. 

How are the posters packed for delivery?

If you are only buying one or a few, the posters will be packed in a carboard box, cut to the size of your rolled posters. This will ensure that your posters are not damaged in transit. If you are buying a lot of posters, we will work with you in defining how you best like the posters to be packed. We have larger boxes, crates and pallets too.