Customers purchasing pull up banners for the first time often ask many questions from not having it done before. We chose some of the questions from recent buyers and collated them for you.

What are pull up banners?

Pullup banner stands are also known as roller banners, rectactable banners, roller banners, or pull up banner. They are an important resource for any exhibitor looking to stand-out at an exhibition or trade show. They are often used to make a big impact in your shop or place of business as a great addition to your point of sale material.

What is the standard size of a pull up banner?

The most popular pull up banner in Australia is 850mm wide and 2,000mm tall. Pull up banners avialable are as small as A4 (210x297mm) and as large as 3,000mm wide by 2,400mm tall. The standard pull up banner for shopping centres are limited to 1,500mm in height due to shopping centre restrictions in Australia. Choose a size that suits the purpose intended for, remembering that you need to get them from A to B.

How do you make a pull up banner?

In looking at hundreds of designs every month, the same basic process is used for the design of the pull up banner.

  1. Keep the logos bright but not overpowering with the logo position in the top quarter of the pull up banner.

  2. High-quality and vector images need to be used to ensure print reproduction is optimised and should be place in centre quarters

  3. Make good use of text and spacing without crowding. The least there is the better it is. Use text and fonts that are grabbing

  4. Keep less important content to the bottom quarter of the pull up banner.

How do pull up banners work?

Roller Banners are simple to use. The printed banner is rolled up and attached to a Spring loaded base and is designed to simply pull up out of the base and rolls back into the base, similarly to spring loaded curtains. The Top Bar of the pull up banner stops the poster from retracting into the base. Once erected, the base's feet are extended at 90 degrees to the base and the tall pole is positioned to secure the banner up.

How long will it take to produce a pullup banner?

Bannerworld produces all the pullup banners inhouse. We also use some of the quickest, safest and most reliable printers available on the market, followed by really strict internal processes to ensure that we can get your banners out as quickly as possible. 

  • 1 to 15 pullup banners - 24 hours

  • 16 to 50 pullup banners - 48 hours

  • 50+ pullup banners - Calls Bannerworld to discuss how many you require and when you need them for.

What is the difference between all the different types of pull-up banners?

We have chosen a wide range of pullup banners to suit different purposes, environments and personal choices as well as budgets.  Ultimately, the pullup banner is used for displaying your brand, promotion, products or solutions, however they are all designed with a specific purpose in mind.

  • Silver Class -  The pullup banners make up for 75% of all pullup banners sold in Australia. They are the cheapest in our range andgenerally use for short temr promotions and events

  • Gold Class - Aesthetically pleasing and structurarly very sound, the Gold Class banner looks the part. Majority of buyers lookin gto opromote their brand or luxury products choose this pullup. This pullup banner is generally found in lobbies, schools, foyers and showrooms. 

  • Platinum Class - The industry's heavyweight and the best you can buy. This style of pullup banner has been designed to stand the test of time and built for the long haul. Having a wider base, a stronger built-in mechanism, this pullup banner is perfect for anyone looking ofor a long term option. This banner is often found in high foot traffic area as it is loved by OH&S Managers as it simply will not topple or fall, it is insanely well grounded. Many of the customers who purchase these are event companies, hospitals, shopping centres, and hotels to name a few.

  • Outdoor pullup - Made from all the strongest materials to wistand the harshest of weather conditions. Still stylish enough to work indoors too. 

I have an existing banner, can I change the print on it?

We do offer a reskin service for our customers who have previously purchased a pullup banner and looking to change the print to a new print. 

If you purchase a budget pullup banner and looking to reskin, it may not be worth it as the low cost of purchase of our Silver Class Pullup Banners is so close to the reskin cost. If you spent over $150 for your pullup banner then may be it is worth it. 

All you need to do in order for us to reskin your banner is to get it to us. We can organise a courier service too. Once we receive it, we will be able to let you know whether your pullup banner is in a good condition, good enough to be reskined.

I have multiple designs for buying several pullup banner. Does that cost extra?

Our customers supply us with Print Ready Artwork. If the artwork is set up correctly, there are no reasons for us to charge our customers any extra. If our customers do not have Print Ready Artwork, we have a design studio who charges a small fee for design work (Design Fees and Charges) and will not charge you for multiple artworks. The fees are very respectable and have no hidden extras.