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Portable Displays - L-Banner - BW 1
Portable Displays - L-Banner - BW 7
Portable Displays - L-Banner - BW 6
Portable Displays - L-Banner - BW 5
Portable Displays - L-Banner - BW 4
Portable Displays - L-Banner - BW 2


Simple, Easy and affordable

On the road? Maximise your business presentation potential with super-light travel safe banners. Simple and stylish, they are perfect for mobile events


Both sized L-Banners are freestanding. These tension banners come with a light pole that makes them quick and easy to set up. Create a vivid, high resolution full colour wall or screen with a number of L-Banners displayed side by side. L-Banners are the perfect travelling banner as they are super lightweight. These are extremely stylish banners that are quick to set up and suitable for a wide range of events.

Unlike the popular pull-up banners which required the print to be fitted to the base, the print on the L-Banner is added using eyelets, making it super simple and really cheap to change your message regularly without having to purchase new hardware everytime.

(7 Day defect replacement warranty applies)

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