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Your 3x3 Market Stall...

Welcome your customers with showcasing who you are and what you are selling.

Branded Oztrail Marquees are a must when presenting yourself. People will see you from afar and will be directed straight to your market stand. in addition to your stand, promote your services by using a vinyl backdrop, some coreflute signs, ebven your own branded table cover. Would that not make a diffence to you in attracting customers to your stall?

Well before your potential customers see your food, they see and judge  your brand from your personalised signage, on the street and in your service areas. When they stand outside your stall, what do people see? Attractive and coordinated signage giving a strong sense of what you offer and when placed in a high visibility position, can boost daily sales and takings.

You can use signs and promotional materials to...

  • help customers find your location easily

  • brand the exterior and interior of your site, making it unmistakable and memorable

  • announce the introduction of new items or offers with corflute signs, vinyl banners, flags, table talkers or brochures

  • support service staff by suggesting up-sizing and up-selling of popular items

  • emphasise unique features of your products, or food and beverage selections, such as where they are sourced from

  • promote time limited offers, such as set-menu events or early bird discounts

  • create and renew interest throughout the year with seasonal wallpaper graphics

Invest in quality signage 

Many market stand and stall holders often make the mistake of treating signage as a ‘set and forget’ part of their marketing strategy. But by improving their stall signs and regularly mixing in different product signs you can achieve an attractive and consistent look, as well as creating fresh interest from new and existing customers.


From $629.00+gst

- Oztrail Frame

- Branded rooftop

- Branded valance

- Wheeled carry Bag

- And more...


From $129.00+gst

- S, M, L , XL

- High resolutions printing

- Bonus carry bag

- Volume discount available

- And more...


From $169.00+gst

- Oztrail Framing Kit

- Branded vinyl sign

- 12 months parts warranty

- More information...


From $50.00+gst

- 440gsm vinyl 

- Custom sizes available

- Rope, eyelets at no cost

- High resolution printing

- and more...


From $13.50+gst

- 3mm or 5mm corflute

- Custom sizes available 

- High resolutions printing

- Free eyelets

- and more...


From $119.00+gst

- Various sizes available

- Indoor & Outdoor use

- Corflute, Acrylic or Metal

- Vertical & Horizontal

- More information...

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