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Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Bannerworld offers a wide range of sticker solutions for most, if not all your sticker needs. Stickers generally start as low as $35psqm for budget window stickers to $150psqm for quality premium car wraps.



  • Budget Self Adhesive Vinyl - Window stickers, bin stickers, bumper stickers, product labels, production labels, safety labels, general application labels to most surfaces

  • Hi-Tak Self Adhesive vinyl - Ideal Vinyl made to stick to most, if not all surfaces. Easy to put on, hard to take off. These stickers are as strong as it gets

  • Blockout stickers - Designed to stick over the top of pretty much anything so that you cannot see what is underneath. Many of our customers use these to stick over the top of vinyl banners for dates (Events, Fetes, seasonal banners, etc..)

  • Vinyl Lettering - Sold to customers on Application tape for easy application to a range of surfaces. Popular across window signage and other smooth surfaces.

  • Floor Stickers - Direct Print and Laminated products - Designed to stick to most flooring surfaces (Timber, carpet, concrete, painted, etc...). Generally designed for 3 to 12 months depending on the quality of the media you require and what your promotion is for.

  • Electrostatic Stickers - One of the most expensive stickers you can buy and designed to be repositioned with ease. Having a low surface tension, they do not require any glue to sticking agent to be stuck on smooth surfaces. They are also ideal for DIY projects and campaigns.

  • POS Stickers - These stickers can be stuck on most surfaces and can easily be applied by anyone. Many of our customers in the retail sector use these to stick to furniture, change room doors, backdrops, fixtures, point of sale displays and much more. As they do not require much adhesion, they can easily be installed and removed. Being bubble free, the air simply escapes, ensuring that there are no bubbles when you install them yourself. With these stickers, you will not need an installer to put them up. They'll simply stick to the desired surfaces and the bubbles will simply be pushed out and disappear without damaging the print.

  • Real Estate Stickers Cheap Cheap Cheap - Perfect for Signboards - Real Estate Agents LOVE putting these up and they generally do not take much care in applying and therefore require a bubble free stickers to ensure that the sticker does not look terrible when put on the signboard.

  • Window Stickers (Internal and External) - When choosing a window sticker, you need to keep in mind where you will be applying them but you will also need to work out how and who will be applying them. We have a vast range of window stickers, all fit for different applications and purposes. Speak to your account manager to work out which sticker may be best for your application

  • Wall stickers & Wallpapers - very similar to window stickers, these stickers come in a wide range of options, based on what they need to be applied to (Concrete, Paint, raw, timber, glass, Steel, acrylic, etc...). With wallpapers, again, depends on how much texture you require, who will be applying it and what it will be applied to. You would need to speak to your account manager to work out exactly what you may need.

  • Furniture wraps - These are built for the specialists and enthusiasts. You can use them to stick to your bath, your kitchen cupboards, your lightboxes, and more. Furniture wraps are designed to be strong and durable but also last the test of time and kids :)

  • Vehicle Graphics - The world of wrapping is incredible and every customer has a different need and requirement - Vehicle wraps start at around $75 psqm and can make their way up to $1250 psqm for colours and textures like gold. We can print them, cut them to shape and get them ready for your installer.

You can contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 959 515 or simply email them using - We are here to help you make the right decision as to which sticker best suits your purpose and application

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