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Channel 9, The Block - Wallpaper Revival

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Channel 9’s The Block 2018 continues to be on of Australia’s most popular Television shows. Which being a hit Reality TV show, it is also a very informational show about ways of improving your environment, your home or your office!

Each of the contestants are all very different and hand picked by Channel 9 to ensure that all demographics are portrayed: Gender, heritage, career, etc… They do all have one thing in common though; They all want to win the block and the only way to do that it to be different.

Over the last few seasons, we have seen different ways each of the contestants ensure that they showcased a room with “personality” in order to be judged “winners”.

Some of the highlights of the show that have transcended to the “home renovation sector” are wallpapers, self-adhesive graphics, screen printing, personalised splash backs and outdoor murals..


2018 home renovation retailers have slowly integrated custom wallpapers as part of their offering. You can have textured wallpapers, 3D wallpapers, custom printed wallpapers and more… The best part of the wallpapers, they can easily be installed but anyone who can draw a straight line or match things up. If you cannot match things up, forget it, paint!

Bannerworld offers the latest technology in Wallpaper printing, using HP’s latest Latex technology. Straight from the internet, straight into Bannerworld’s workflow and despatched in 24 hours to any location. If this is quick enough for a renovation show, then it is quick enough for general users.

With custom printed wallpapers, you can choose from a Theme Library with thousands of samples or you can choose to upload your own high resolution image and they will set it up to your wall specifications and print it for you! (Wall covering for this would cost approximately $450 to $650 + gst)

Screen Printing – Dye Sublimation – Fabric Printing

Looking to add a bit more life and colours to your home but have to resort to finding things that are in the shop and not always what you are looking for! Get pillows, curtains, bed throws, table covers, Wall hangers, backlit posters, beanbags and anything that requires custom fabrics.

Screenprinting is also a fanstastic solutions for tiles, doors, windows, and other furniture too.

(Below kitchen under bench self-adhesive bubble free backing costs $280 + gst and can be self-installed)

Self Adhesive Graphics

The Block 2015 saw Caro and King create one of the most amazing self-standing baths of all time. The bath was wrapped using a Self-Adhesive Vinyl that is similar to what is used on cars. This process can be achieved on a great deal of surfaces and textures. The Block Bath print costs approximately $600 + gst and installation.

Personalised Kitchen Splashbacks

How else do you add another dimension to a kitchen? Use the wasted space where your splash back is…

You have all this space and you can personalise it using reverse printed glass or acrylic or industrial commercial Alucobond Products printed with the images of your choice. All are quite cost effective and all can be removed and reused elsewhere or simply replaced with another image.

This is the game changer and the one thing that will set a home to be more different than any other!

Graphic Reproductions

Cannot afford an original Mona Lisa? Cannot even afford to buy a local artists art to put on your wall and define who you are as a person? There is an alternative, get a copy printed and put it up on your wall.

Today, you can get prints on glass, steel, timber, fabrics, canvass and you won’t break the bank!

As a new solution to the architectural landscape, the Matrix Wall is making great inroads. From full wall LED backlit graphics to poster sized frame and graphics, there is a solution that can fit your environment and your budget and it will definitely cost less than a Monet!

There is a whole new world of solutions available to renovators today! It is incredible what is out there and what can be achieved with Bannerworld. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! If you see something on The Block 2018 that you really like and really not sure how you can get it or how much it will cost to produce, don’t hesitate to call us for more information!

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