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Courier Prices on the rise!

The reason behind increase freight & shipping costs

Why has my $9.99 shipping cost for online shopping, suddenly become upwards of $14.95 or $25.99?

As with everything lately, it comes as no surprise that courier prices are on the rise! (We feel your pain!) From fuel prices to supplier prices, to the cost of living… there is no escaping it!

Why? You might ask…

Ever since Covid-19 hit, courier and freight companies have felt the intense pressure and strain as they became a vital means of distribution, allowing us to send and receive goods globally with minimal physical interaction. More and more online businesses started to appear as people pivoted to remote and online models of work.

Now, as we slowly move away from covid restrictions the volume of freight and courier deliveries have only continued to soar. These increased volumes alongside rising fuel prices, have created an inevitable need for courier companies to increase their prices. Freight prices were on the rise 2 years ago and have now reached an all time high.

Unfortunately, this does mean that businesses that rely on courier, delivery and shipping services, have also had to increase their prices to accommodate this nationwide and global shift.

What does this mean for you?

Whilst many businesses passed on the increase in charges to their customers, we chose to avoid doing so for as long as possible. However, in June 2022 further increases have soared and not just in small percentages. While we always endeavor to provide affordability AND quality in our services and products, unfortunately, the price increase is unavoidable. In order to reduce our cost of freight and help our customers out, we have implemented a new shipping server which integrates several courier companies. This gives our customers the opportunity to choose the best service for the best price. This will come into effect as of the 1st of July 2022.

What is the solution?

Here are some of our TOP TIPS for avoiding unwanted surprises and costly freight experiences:

  1. When quoting or budgeting for the purchase of print or signage, please ensure you factor in the cost of freight or shipping. Consider the location the package is being sent to and make sure to request a quote for courier charges so that you are aware of the cost involved at the outset.

  2. If you are looking to purchase a several items, wait until you are prepared to purchase them all together. Sending all items at once, results in one freight charge rather than paying several freight charges for lots of separate deliveries.

  3. Make sure that the delivery location you select, is easy to locate and easy to access. Additionally, ensure that someone will be onsite to accept the delivery during business hours. This will save you the additional cost and heartache of having to organize and pay for the re-delivery of parcels. We have also implemented an 'ATL' (aka. Authority to Leave), should you not be present at the time of delivery. This means that the courier will leave the parcel IF deemed safe to do so. An ATL reduces the timeframes, but also the cost of re-delivery or reliance on someone having to go to the depot to collect their goods.

  4. If you find that the cost involved is out of budget, but you do still require the goods, consider our financing assistance options with our partner company Swoop Australia. They can offer financing packages that enable you to purchase and receive the goods you require, without having to wait.

By taking these tips on board, hopefully it assists in better equipping you for the shift in pricing.

If you have any further questions, make sure to get in touch with our friendly team. | 1300 91 31 81

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