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Environmental Consideration When Picking Printers

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Environmental Consideration When Picking printers

Environmental Consideration

In today’s world, environmental consideration should be on everyone’s mind when making a choice in printers and printed solutions. 

In the Signage and Large format industry, the choices UV, Ecosolvent and Latex! The most commonly used are the ecosolvent and UV as they are the cheapest the market can offer. The solution with the most traction worldwide is now Latex… The Latex equipment use to be more expensive, the consumables were more expensive and the labour required to operate the equipment was also more expensive. Furthermore, the latex technology was restricted to producing solutions that were on a roll and not ready for rigid media.

Why is Latex technology?

IN essence, Latex inks are known as resin inks, use as a type of polymer to encapsulate pigments, which are then suspended in water as a carrier liquid that can be jetted through print heads. Heat is then used to evaporate the water, activating the inks and polymers immediately, bonding all the pigments on top of the media!

  • More versatile

  • Cost effective

  • More durable

  • More scratch and weather resistant

  • Capable of being printed on rough surfaces

  • More environmentally friendly!

Latex Inks are a much greener technology! The technology itself is not just greener, using the latest in recyclable and environmentally friendly media will also see the consumers being more green and more responsible for our environment. As 60% of the ink is water, it is much more recyclable compared to the solvents that penetrate the media instead of sitting on top… 

Latex inks also do not emit hazardous vapour gases, not releasing harming fumes that consumers would inhale in retail environments… Again, another reason why Latex technology is not just superior but also more environmentally friendly!

HP, the largest manufacturer of latex equipment is confident in suggesting that environmental bodies and governments worldwide, will shortly start legislating against solvent printers due to the grave global impact of the technology.

For consumers, there is no clear economic advantage as printers today would sell their solutions for pretty much the same price due to the Latex Equipment being so reliable and economical to work however from an environmental standpoint, consumers should consider whether what they are purchasing can be purchased from a Latex supplier or Screen supplier as opposed to a Ecosolvent or UV printer…

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