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Get simple, secure & speedy access to financing in 2022…

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Are you a small to medium sized business owner that is feeling the financial effects of covid?

Or, perhaps you are a small business owner with some EXCITING financial goals for 2022?

As a business, do you know what to look for and do you know what is available to you? It is not always easy to ask the question you don’t know you need to ask…

Well, you muddle your way through by asking your bank, a financial broker, a financial planner, Government websites, and can access resources in a lot of areas… But, do you really know what you are looking for?

We get it – it’s confusing! AND, overwhelming! We know… you hear the word “finance” or “grants” and you switch off just in time to let the financial mumbo jumbo fly over your head.

It is not always easy to see the trees through the woods and often hard to navigate your way through the government website, not to mention speaking to someone in government to get information about POSSIBLE incentives or grants that MAY be available. Emphasis on ‘may’!

How about this? Instead of you going around and around and still unsure as to which way to you, you let us learn about you, your business, opportunities and direction and we will provide you with relative and up to date information about what you may be entitled to.

We will also provide you with a tonne of options related to getting the right funding, tailored to the direction and future of YOUR business.

Whether it’d be a short term or long-term goals, we trust that we have something for you!

You might be thinking… ‘Ok great! But what does this have to do with printing or marketing?’

Well, great question!

As a commercial printing company, we work on exciting projects right from the design stage, to the production and all the way through to the installation & marketing execution.

We LOVE helping clients get greater visibility for their brand and make their business goals a REALITY.

However, we do realise that this often costs money. Money, that some businesses affected by the covid economic climate simply don’t have or cannot afford to let go… Savings in this climate are critical and letting go of those would be uncomfortable


However, this doesn’t mean that it’s ‘GAME OVER’.

And that is why we have partnered with ‘Swoop Australia’!

This is all about taking your business to the NEXT level? Are you ready for that?

We know that business owners are looking for ways to rebound, recover and grow after a tough 18 months. For those looking to secure additional funds to enable this, Swoop is the best place to start: a quick analysis of your working capital needs could unlock some cashflow. Or you may want to compare funding options with Swoop’s easy-to-use platform.

Swoop is an online marketplace helping small to medium businesses access secure and speedy tailored funding and savings solutions all in one place. You can compare, review and apply for funding opportunities at the click of a button.

Swoop can also help you identify potential business savings for you across banking, Foreign Exchange, insurance, and utilities. A team of experienced financial professionals are available to support and guide you throughout your journey. Swoop is the only platform you’ll ever need to get your funding and savings sorted in one place.

SO, don’t let your business go without!

Get access to grants and finance solutions NOW! Invest in the right marketing campaign and BOOST those sales as we gear up for Easter!

So, how does it work?

All you have to do is visit our website, click the ‘Apply Now’ and let Swoop tailor & provide a grant or funding option for you in MINUTES!

OR, book a call with a dedicated funding manager

No need to wait!

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