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How will I know if my artwork is suitable?

Will someone tell me if my artwork is ‘good enough’?

Will someone tell me if my artwork is suitable?

We get asked these artwork printing questions regularly from our online store customers.

When you purchase a product on our online store, you have the option to either:

  1. Upload your own artwork when you check-out

  2. Design your own artwork using our online editor OR by downloading one of our art templates

  3. OR, you can get our friendly and experienced in-house design team to assist

When you supply or upload an artwork, this artwork will ALWAYS go to our design team to be ‘pre-pressed’.

What do we mean by pre-press?

Pre-press literally means work done ‘before printing’ and this is where we take your artwork and ensure that:

  1. It fits the design template for the product you are purchasing and is the correct size

  2. It is high resolution and WON’T be pixelated at full size

  3. There is NO text within any safe areas, that may run the risk of being cut off

  4. There is suitable bleed or hemming allowance, depending on your requirements

  5. It has all the required elements for the specific finishing you have requested (For Example. If you have requested a pocket, we ensure that your design allows for this AND that we include a fold & stitch line for production to be able to produce accurately)

However, through this pre-press process we DO NOT:

  • Proof-read your design to check for spelling mistakes

  • Make changes or alterations to the layout of your design (without your consent)

  • Re-position any sections of your design (without your consent)

We trust when you have uploaded your design, you have checked your design for these components before uploading and are happy with what you have supplied. Our job is to simply ensure it is suitable for print.

IF your artwork is suitable and ticks all the pre-pressing boxes (YAY - go you!), then upon payment, your artwork is sent to production.

We will ONLY get in touch with you IF there is an issue with your artwork, because we want to ensure you end up with the best possible finished product.

For example: if it is the wrong size, or it is pixelated, our design team will reach out to let you know and offer some options:

  1. We will outline what needs to be fixed and you or your design team can amend & re-supply the artwork accordingly

  2. OR, we offer to fix this for you and outline the cost or requirements to complete this before the artwork printing begins

Our team works hard to ensure that ALL products we print are produced to a high standard and that our customers will be satisfied with the finished quality. Rest assured that if we think your artwork won’t print well, we will ALWAYS let you know.

Let us know if you found this information helpful?

We are always trying to share helpful tips, tricks, free downloads and 'jargon-free' explanations to make your print journey easier.

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