HP Launches First Hybrid Rigid and Flexible Latex Printer

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Image source: press.ext.hp.com

This year sees the release of the First Hybrid Latex Printer in Australia. What does this mean for consumers?

For many years, many printers who manufacturer locally have chosen the quality and the speed of the Roll to Roll Latex Printers for applications which include:

  • Posters

  • Outdoor banners

  • Pull-up banners

  • Exhibition displays

  • Retail displays

  • Stickers

  • Wallpapers

  • Fabrics

  • And more….

Latex printers and inks are more expensive than traditional UV Printers and cheaper than the old school Screen Printers. The Latex technology is more environmentally friendly, the inks do not require drying time meaning that they cure instantly therefore not requiring a laminate or additional labour! What does this mean for consumers? Cheaper print and more durable solutions. 

The Latex technology also allows for higher image quality, better reproduction and more vibrant colours whilst preserving the quality of the Substrate or Media used (I.e. texture and feel). 

Furthermore, Latex inks are more durable and versatile, making the print more scratch resistant, more versatile in different tempered environment (Colder and Warmer climates)

What is a Hybrid Printer?

In the past, Latex technology was only able to be used in the roll to roll market and now, with the new range from HP, printers are able to print rigid substrates including Corflute, pvc board, foam board, corrugated boards and more…  The hybrid system has opened up the door to be able to complete wholistic solutions for the retail market and now able to produce everything for both indoor and outdoor. 

“Print service providers are looking at new ways to increase production and expand applications by investing in innovative print technologies such as rigid and white ink to embrace all the possibilities of print,” said Joan Pérez Pericot, General Manager, HP Large Format Graphics Business, HP Inc. “The introduction of our HP Latex R Printer Series delivers a versatile and innovative print solution for medium-sized businesses to unlock print opportunities and drive growth.”

If you are ready to choose a printer, check and see if you can find a printer who offers the latest in Latex technologies. You will never look back as the ourtcome will exceed your expectations when comparing the print and quality compared to your older more traditional printers.

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