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Recalibrate Your Marketing Strategy for a New Financial Year

As the new financial year begins, your business has a chance to calculate the budgets, profits and losses—and recalibrate marketing strategies to do better this time around. And if there’s one facet to prioritise when recalibrating, it should be marketing. In today’s fierce competition, having a stale marketing plan won’t cut it. It’s vital to continue innovating to keep your audience engaged & attract new customers.

So, in this article, we’ll guide you through some steps to help you refresh your plan and ensure your new budget will be spent on effective business marketing strategies.

Take a closer look at your branding.

When we say branding, it isn’t just about your logo, brand colours and aesthetic. While these play a vital role in brand recognition & creating a great customer experience, there’s more to your company branding that you have to evaluate.

For instance, take a closer look at your brand messaging. Is it still relevant to today’s audience? Does it align with the personality you want to project in the market? Does it need tweaks, a refresh or a complete overhaul? Maybe, you need to be more casual with your audience and avoid being too stiff. Perhaps, your business will benefit if you make your creative materials brighter or edgier.

And if you change your messaging or any part of your branding, be sure it’s reflected on all your marketing materials. These include your Facebook page’s cover photos, Google ads, business stationery, outdoor signs and pull-up banners.

Revisit your target demographics.

Just as your branding may be due for a refresh, your sets of target demographics are also worth a second look. That’s especially true since customer behaviours have shifted a lot over the past year due to the many changes in how the world works.

One thing you can do is look at your sales data from the past financial year. Perhaps, one of your latest products or services has catered to an entirely different audience. See if your existing customers had repeat purchases to take advantage of your product line expansions. By identifying such patterns or behaviours, you can determine the common characteristics among your top customers. Then, you can refine your target demographics and adjust your social media marketing strategy or promotional content to connect to them better.

You can also scan online reviews, social media mentions and search engine results to see how the digital market perceives you. It is a good way to know how much buzz you’re creating—and what types of people engage with your brand online.

Create better brand experiences.

Gone are the days when marketing was merely a one-way conversation. Today, you have multiple ways to engage your target customers and turn them into leads. This new financial year, try creating better brand experiences. Here are some ideas:

  • Develop interactive online content that fosters engagement. You can dive into different platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube. This is an effective and creative digital marketing strategy for your business to adapt to.

  • If you don’t have a social media manager, it’s time to hire one. They will help your brand spark conversations through comments and direct messages.

  • Curate user-generated content to build trust and add authenticity to your brand. Include client reviews & photos in your blogs & social media calendar.

  • Complement online brand experiences with personalised packages. Say you have a Facebook campaign for a new product. Send influencers & loyal customers promotional materials they can enjoy & spread the word about.

Don’t forget about print marketing.

Have you been focusing mainly on digital marketing strategies? The new financial year presents an opportunity to reevaluate the value of print marketing for your business. Now that business conventions & trade shows are back, your brand may benefit from the ability of portable displays, promotional flags and marquees to grab people’s attention & create memorable touchpoints in the customer journey.

Also, print marketing goes hand-in-hand with your digital marketing strategies. The impact and the information posted on outdoor signs can drive traffic to your website, social media pages and other online channels. After all, how many times do you check on Google or Facebook to confirm what you see on a sign?

Turn to Wollongong Printing to Boost Your Marketing Strategies

Ready to turn all the ideas above into actionable efforts? Wollongong Printing is here to help. If you need print & marketing materials for your branding overhaul or next trade show, you can count on us to deliver quality prints, signs, banners and more. Need more push in defining your current market positioning and confirm your direction for the new financial year? Reach out to us for business consulting services.

When it comes to marketing, it’s all about being agile. You must ensure that any new marketing plans you put in place are nimble & flexible. That way, your business can adapt quickly to sudden & unexpected changes. And with us as your printing & marketing partner, you can implement effective marketing adjustments.

Give us a call today. Let’s talk about your marketing plans for this new financial year.

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