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Recycling Pullup Banner Bases

“How can I recycle my pullup banner base?”

This is a question that we get asked A LOT. And, you know what… it’s a great question!

So we thought we would bring you a short but sweet blog on all things ‘recycling pullup banner bases’.

The why, the where, the how & everything in between.

WARNING: This is something that the print industry DOESN’T want you to know about. They would much rather profit from selling you a new banner, BUT, the truth is – 90% of pullup banner bases are able to be re-skinned or recycled.


Let’s start simple with: ‘what is a pullup banner?’

Incase you were wondering, a pullup banner can also be referred to as a ‘roll-up banner’, ‘retractable banner’ or ‘portable banner’. Essentially, it is a banner when the print retracts into the base making it easy to transport or store.


The base of a pullup banner is typically made of aluminium… and it CAN be easily recycled.

There are 4 x ways we can use these bases:

  1. No hardware waste! If you have an existing pullup banner, however, can no longer use it because the print isn’t relevant or is outdated, you can easily return the pullup banner base and order a new print. This is called a ‘pullup banner re-skin’ and involves us using your existing banner base to simply install the new print into the same base.

  2. Give it a new home! If you have a banner that is in good condition or has only been used a handful of times, however, you no longer need it – why not return it? By returning it to us, we can do a quality check on the bases and re-use it for other banners. We often assist not-for-profit agencies and organisations by providing them with refurbished units in an effort to aid them in reducing costs.

  3. Re-purposing for the win! OR, if your banner base is a bit knocked around, we may still be able to salvage ‘parts’ that are still in good condition from the pullup banner base. These parts can then be used as ‘spare parts’ just in case we run into any mishaps with other banner bases.

  4. Metal Recyclers! Failing all of the above options, if your pullup banner is truly worse for wear, the aluminium base can easily be re-purposed by meta recyclers.


Regardless, of which way you go – your banner base is being put to good use; the environment is thanking you & so are we!

So how do you recycle these babies?

We are so glad you asked! The best way to return them for recycling is to either:

  1. Send our team an email, or give us a call to let us know you wish to return some pullup banner bases to be recycled. Then, you are welcome to drop off the bases to our production facility in Seven Hills NSW 2147

  2. Or get in touch with our team to let us know that you would like to return & recycle some bases and we can organise a courier collection from you to be delivered back to us. There is a small fee for the courier collection, however, we aim to make it as simple & straightforward as possible.


It’s never been easier to clear some space, re-purpose old banners or just be environmentally conscious by recycling your pullup banner bases!

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