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Spice up your event, with our TOP 5 MUST-HAVE Print ideas!

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

For all our fellow Aussie’s, it is exciting to see some events slowly creeping back in after Covid-19 took them off the table this time last year.

With more events popping up, our team has started thinking all things… Event Printing!

Whether you are hosting a corporate event within your organisation OR a personal event amongst family and friends, there are several creative, professional, and fun print ideas you can incorporate to spice up your event!

So, our team decided to put our heads together and come up with our TOP 5 MUST-HAVE print items for your next event!

  1. Number one our list is our customisable Selfie Frame! There is no better way to remember an event, than with some photos- am I right?! Why, not add something extra to your photos by getting a portable or self-standing selfie frame to take photos with! We can design the selfie frame to suit your needs! AND, GUESS WHAT?! We just launch a NEW website DEDICATED to selfie frames.

  2. Next on the list, is our Media Walls! These are excellent as a backdrop for photos, a stylish decoration or perhaps sectioning off areas in an event space. We can create a media wall or backdrop that features your branding or imagery.

  3. Another fun idea is our Standees! These can be completely customised to the size and shape that you want. Whether it is a cut-out of your favourite movie star, some fun shapes or props to take photos with… we have you covered!

  4. How about some custom Table Covers? We can design and create a loose or fitted table cover to decorate whatever table you desire. Colour, imagery, logo… you name it, we can make it happen!

  5. And finally, for all those outdoor event lovers! Look no further than a branded Marquee! Marquees are excellent for those hot and sunny outdoor events, or perhaps those wet and rainy ones too. They are not only super practical, but when custom designed to incorporate your event branding, they REALLY stand out!

Some pretty cool ideas, right?!

Adding fun and unique items like this to your next event, function or special occasion really takes it to the next level!

If any of these ideas took your fancy, make sure to reach out to our friendly team!

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