Fun messaging to show your support

Sometimes, all you need is a small flag and many small flags can make much more of an impression than a large flag. As they say, good things sometimes come in small packages. 

Hand Flags are often used for Promotional Events, Schools Events, Outdoor sporting Events, Elections, Corporate Events and school functions.

Bannerworld offers standard sized flags but can also create flags of any shape and size. You tell us what you want and we will do whatever it takes to create your dream flag for your dream team.

We make our flags using the latest in technology and the best in fabrics to make sure that you get the desired look and feel for your Team. 


  • Affordable

  • Easy to carry

  • Fun

  • Custom sizes and shapes

  • Single or double sided

  • 5 day production

Hand Flags - Flag Only

Hand Flags
Pole Flag
Supporter Flag
Flag on a astick
Fabric Flag
Design a flag
Sports Team Flag
Team flag
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Poles available  seperately... Quote supplied as required.

Supporter Flags - Including Pole and Flag

Think about designing your own supporter flag and we'll create it for you or you can create your own using our online designer...

We can assist in designing your own upporter flags at no charge and we'll print them for you:

  • NRL supporter banners

  • AFL supporter banners

  • Soccer supporter banners

  • Footy supporter banners

  • Tennis supporter banners

  • Rugby supporter banners

  • Volley ball supporter banners

  • Cricket, hockey, touch footy, baseball and more

Free Design available for Supporter Flag creation.


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