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Advertising made easy - Vinyl Banners, the ideal choice!

In terms of visual impact and cost effectiveness vinyl banners are unrivalled. They are tough enough to last the harshest weather, but inexpensive enough to replace regularly.  They are perfect for retail, sporting clubs, schools, real estate, cafes, restaurants, markets and events and just about any business or organisation looking for street level exposure.


Why choose our outdoor vinyl banners?  

The answer is simple, they are durable, cost effective, easy to carry , install and relocate. (Pricing in table do not include gst or freight)​

  • Locally produced and ready for dispatch in 24 to 72 hours

  • Printed on high-quality vinyl pvc rated to Australian Standards (Upgrades available to the premium 560, 610 or 880gsm - Additonal fees apply) and approved to local and international standards and able to withstand -20 to +70 degrees.

  • Latest in technology and environmentaly friendly water based Latex Inks (UL Ecologo®1, Greenguard Gold Certified 2)

  • High-resolutions printing (up to 1,220dpi) for photo quality finishing

  • Single Sided and Double Sided banners available (Double Sided priced upon request)

  • Choice of standard finishing options at no extra cost including eyelets, taped edges, hemmed edges, stitched rope, and hemmed pockets (More finishing options below)

  • No additional art, admin or set up fees. No hidden extras


Outdoor banners over 1.6m will be automatically folded and not rolled unless alternate packaging is required an additional fees apply 

* Prices exclude gst and freight | Discounts available for purchasing of multiple units



All our Vinyl Banners and Mesh Banners have the free option of eyelets (Every 500mm only), tape, stitched or welded edges. You can however have other finishing options that are more purpose specific and readily available.

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Customers purchasing indoor or outdoor vinyl banners for the first time often ask many questions from not having it done before.

We chose some of the questions from vinyl banner buyers and collated them for you.

Why would I choose a Vinyl Banner to advertise my business?

With vinyl banners, it is all about location, locations, location. Vinyl Banners are one of the cheapest forms of ourdoor advertising but also used indoors for promotional purposes. They are basically a billboard for advertising your business, event or promotion. They can be placed on a fence, a wall, hanging down. If you have the space or know of a spare space, use a vinyl banner.

What size is a vinyl banner?

With vinyl banners, you are only limited by space, not size. Vinyl banners can be printed on the latest in printing equipment using rolls as long as wide as 3,200mm and as long as 100 meters. You are however not limited to size as you can get a large choice of finishing options, allowing your to put a number of banners together. For the day to day use though, you will find that the 2,000x1,000 and the 3,000x1,000 are the most popular in size and generally the cheapest to purchase as they are a standard product for many vinyl banner printers. 

What are vinyl banners made of?

Vinyl banners are made from a fine thread polyester scrim, laminated witha uv stabilised pvc (polyvinyl chloride) to plasticise the banners and provide the extra strength and durability required for their destined usage. The most popular vinyl banner used by banner printers is the frontlit 440gsm. You can however also choose more durable vinyl banners including the 510gsm, 660gsm and extra durable 810gsm. The number defines the weight of the panner per square metre and the extra weight comes from having higher polyester thread counts as well as stronger and thicker polyvinyl cloride coating.

How much does a vinyl banner cost?

As a rule of thumb, the cost of a standard sized vinyl banner is around the $35 per square meter. The cost of the vinyl banner square meter rate tends to decrease as the volume increases. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Looking at the sell price accross the industry, the standar 2x1 banner would set you back approximately $70+gst and the everpopular 3x1m banner would be around the $90+gst mark. (Pricelist)

My place gets really windy, can I still use a vinyl banner?

You must remember that vinyl banners are used for temporary advertising and are not a long-term tool for marketing. They are incredibly affordable but not indestructible.  The life of the banner is based on the environment they are exposed to. Under normal conditions, they will last you a fair while but under harsh conditions such as extreme winds (more than 35kph) the banners are prone to tearing and shredding. We recommend that you untie them and bring them in so that you avoid any damage. We also strongly recommend when tying your banner to a fence that you ensure that the top of the banner is tight with no give and that the rest of the banner has some slack to let the wind pass. In windy areas, you may want to consider mesh or wind holes. Looking for something long term, speak to our experienced team.

How to get the most out of your vinyl banner

Vinyl banners do also require some simple care and looking after.  Some simple things include:

  • Do not fold your banner - Being a Plastic PVC product that is flexible yet also rigid, the ink will crack and the vinyl will shred. The best way to store a banners is by making sure that you roll it up tight (must be 100% dry first) with the print on the inside, not the outside. 

  • Keeping your banner clean - Simply use a soft cloth and a little bit of soap. Wait for it to try then pack it up. Do not use any chemicals or solvents as it will deteriorate your banner.


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